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You should know that you have taken an important first step in considering
working with a therapist to support yourself.

Counselling works with feelings that may be uncomfortable, but they exist
within us all, and ignoring them is rarely effective. By making space for them,
and talking them through with a therapist, you can reduce the intensity of
those feelings. You would then be able live more mindfully and become more

Coaching would help you explore what you want from your life, so that it
becomes more rewarding and meaningful. This approach would help you
work towards your desired future, accessing your resources and working
towards your goals.

Counselling or Coaching?

Therapy does not have to be a long winded affair; in fact, research shows that
therapy is most effective in the first few sessions. Maybe that is all you need,
and you can decide that as you progress.

Short term therapy would focus on the present, helping you to make the most
of your life circumstances. I am consistently surprised and pleased at how
much my clients achieve in just 6 sessions.


Short Term

Longer Term Therapy

Longer term therapy would allow us to work more slowly, perhaps processing
something difficult from your past. I will hold the space with presence for deep
processing, so you can gently make sense of those experiences.

We would explore your past with a view to healing from it, allowing you to
come to terms with those experiences. Gradually, painful times can become
part of your history, rather than part of your daily experience.Some of your current issues may then naturally dissolve, having labeled and
processed those difficult times.

My work with you will follow your speed and pace, and we will always check
that you have ways of coping with difficult or overwhelming feelings. I would
also ensure you have the emergency tools to support yourself, so that you can
remain safe even outside of our sessions.

Coaching will help you feel more motivated and is ideal if you want to make
effective changes in your life, career or personal circumstances. My
experience as a hypnotherapist and careers adviser means I can offer a
solution focused approach, ideal for personal development work.

We might shift from therapy into coaching as you begin to feel more motivated
to make changes in your life. Often my therapy work overlaps with well-being
coaching, life coaching and mental health management.

Hills and Valleys


How Might Therapy Progress?


At the beginning of our work, we will set clear goals and regularly review them.
I will help you with this process. Experience tells me that it is usually a relief
for clients to see that there are a few key areas that need attention, as it can
feel overwhelming to know where to start.



You may wish to explore the past and the impact and influence it has on you
now. We might investigate the thinking patterns that you have been taught, so
we can highlight which are useful and helpful and which are less so. You may
identify new ways of being, or adjust your current ways of living to suit you

We might identify that you have been living with a critical and unkind internal
dialogue. You can then practice shifting to a more gentle way of being with
yourself, offering yourself more compassion. This is a more effective way of
motivating ourselves than constant self-criticism.

You may be experiencing very uncomfortable or debilitating feelings. These
might include feeling devalued, anxiety, fear, being conflicted, guilt, loss, rage,
confusion, anger, jealousy, envy, grief, sadness, loneliness, isolation, shame,
low mood, depression, panic, pain; (emotional and physical), powerlessness,
abandonment or despair to name just a few.

Our work will enable you to look after these feelings, to process them by
giving them space and hearing their message. This can sound like hard work,
but with my support you will find ways to cope, become more able to access
your resources, and develop greater confidence and faith in yourself.

I have a very practical approach. If there is something that I think will be useful
for you, I will share it. I may also use psycho-education to give you some
ideas that might be useful. You can then read about and review these ideas
outside of our sessions if you wish.


You will know when our work together is coming to a natural end. It is useful
to plan a final session so that we can consolidate your learning and review
your progress. I will encourage you to keep a note of the new ways of living,
and new habits that are working well for you, as it is easy to slip back into old
ways of thinking.

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